"If you can eat at only one fine restaurant in
New Orleans, make it the Upperline. "

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4 Beans !!!
Brett Anderson

Reveillon Celebration 2015

Four course dinner

$45  -  $54

Annual Louisiana Réveillon Dinner – December Holiday Season

The spirit of this historic 19th century holiday is adapted to contemporary tastes each year at Upperline. Each year, locals and visitors alike turn out to celebrate the traditional four-course holiday meal once served in the Creole homes of New Orleans. The 19th Century Reveillon menus ranged from traditional New Orleans fare to more elaborate preparations of seafood, game, meats, soups, fruits and vegetables along with pastries, custards, cheeses, eggnog, etc. In order to protect the integrity of the unique dining experience, the authenticity of feature dishes is approved in advance by the Réveillon review committee. Upperline is an officially sanctioned Réveillon participating restaurant.

Welcome to Upperline

The original meaning of the word ‘restaurant’ was ‘to restore’ and, says JoAnn Clevenger, “Restaurants were originally more than just a place to find a meal; restaurants existed to soothe and bolster the weary soul with comfort and indulgence. Like the earliest restaurants, my goal for the Upperline is to be a haven for our guests, restoring their serenity after the daily hassles of the world with great Louisiana food, serious wine, and Creole hospitality.” But Upperline is more than just a restaurant, it is a way of life and a strong fixture in the local community. From festivals and charity fundraisers, to theme dinners and business etiquette courses for some of New Orleans’ most renowned universities, there is always something going on at Upperline.

Perhaps Frommer’s Guide to New Orleans said it best, “Get out of the Quarter. Get out of the Quarter. Get out of the Quarter. Are we getting through to you? Hop on the St. Charles Avenue streetcar first thing. Admire the gorgeous homes along the way. Aside from its historical significance and interest, this neighborhood, full of fabulous houses and lush greenery, is just plain beautiful. At night, sample what’s new and happening in New Orleans cooking. We recommend the more-or-less contemporary Creole food at the Upperline. Today you must begin to see what else New Orleans has to offer.”