"If you can eat at only one fine restaurant in
New Orleans, make it the Upperline. "

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4 Beans !!!
Brett Anderson


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NYTlogoNew York Times

“A visit to Upperline… is a lovely tutorial in contemporary Creole food with Cajun touches blended in a way that could exist only in New Orleans. For the people who have returned to rebuild their city, a meal at Upperline is a soothing reminder that no matter what, their food will endure.”
– Kim Severson

UPRLN_TPlogoNew Orleans Times-Picayune

You could call JoAnn Clevenger a curator, and not just because her restaurant doubles as a museum of New Orleans art. As hostess, the restaurateur works the room as though it were a stage set of her own making, and chef Ken Smith’s best dishes — duck-andouille gumbo, grillades and grits, fried green tomatoes dressed with shrimp remoulade — sit firmly among the best versions in town.
–Brett Anderson