“If you can eat at only one fine restaurant in
New Orleans, make it the Upperline. ”
Southern Living / Travel South

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James Beard Award Finalist: 2014, 2017, 2018
Semi-Finalist: 2010, 2015, 2016

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Special Dinners

“Most museums and galleries close around 5 p.m., but one of New Orleans’ best collections of regional art only goes on view when the doors open for dinner at Upperline Restaurant”

Chris Waddington, Times Picayune

Special Dinners

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Annual Louisiana Réveillon Dinner — December Holiday Season
The spirit of this historic 19th century holiday is adapted to contemporary tastes each year at Upperline. Each year, locals and visitors alike turn out to celebrate the traditional four-course holiday meal once served in the Creole homes of New Orleans. The 19th Century Reveillon menus ranged from traditional New Orleans fare to more elaborate preparations of seafood, game, meats, soups, fruits and vegetables along with pastries, custards, cheeses, eggnog, etc. In order to protect the integrity of the unique dining experience, the authenticity of feature dishes is approved in advance by the Réveillon review committee. Upperline is an officially sanctioned Réveillon participating restaurant.

Creole Babette’s Feast Theme Dinner — TBA
Arguably the greatest “foodie” movie ever made, Babette’s Feast included a meal of classic French cuisine in the grand 19th century manner. Recreated at Upperline in conjunction with the Prytania theater, Blinis Demidoff and quail stuffed with fois gras and truffles was consumed with none of the guilt felt by the religious fundamentalists in the movie. If you haven’t seen the film, get the video. Coming again soon by popular demand (Upperline recreates Babette’s Feast on a periodic recurring basis).

Thomas Jefferson Wine Theme Dinner
Upperline hosts the elderly Thomas Jefferson, portrayed by Jon DeMers, at a feast that including some of the former president’s favorite entrees from the period. A man of many interest and abilities, (and something of an icon for owner JoAnn Clevenger) Thomas Jefferson was a great admirer of the French, their food and wines (Upperline hosts Thomas Jefferson on a periodic recurring basis).

Annual Garlic Festival – June – August
Garlic was put on a pedestal at Upperline long before the stinking rose became worshiped in popular dining culture. Or before Anne Rice wrote her first New Orleans’s vampire novel, for that matter. Originally a creative whim meant to take her mind off the searing New Orleans’ summer heat, Upperline’s Garlic Festival has been a fixture of local summer dining since 1987. Many whimsical dishes have been presented (including garlic ice cream). For those less adventurous, Upperline’s regular menu remains in effect during the festival.

Annual Tennessee Williams Festival Dinner
Every Spring, Upperline partners with The Tennessee Williams Festival to celebrate the life and work of the famous author. Upperline’s theme menu reflects the culinary masterpieces given passage in the author’s various plays, like Chicken Bon Feme from Vieux Carre. Be sure to ask owner JoAnn Clevenger to recount her favorite memories of Tennessee Williams when they both lived in the French Quarter.